Atelier Progressif Creative Art Space

in collaboration with MOCA:

Museum of Computer Art Presents:


Digital Art Show

The Digital Art Show will

showcase digital art by talented

MOCA artists from all over the

world who have contributed their

work for this inaugural Catskill

exhibit. It is a reservoir of what

is the most original and dramatic

work created on the computer in

its various forms and manifestations,

including 3-D rendered art,

fractals, enhanced photography,

animation, mixed media, and

computer-painted and -drawn art.

The show is a refl ection of

Atelier Progressif Creative Art

Space’s mission to seek out and

identify individuals who utilize

technology to create and promote

meaningful new Artwork.  We

wish to be part of shaping how

art is created and consumed in

the digital era. Atelier Progressif

Creative Art Space is looking to

give space and support to artists

who use digital tools to create

art and art projects that benefi t


The First Catskill Digital

Art Show will run from March

11 through April 8, 2016. Atelier

Progressif Creative Art Space is

located at 75 Bridge Street (just

up the hill from the intersection

of Main and Bridge Streets) in

Catskill, NY. Plan to attend the

opening reception on Friday,

March 11 from 6:00 to 8:30

pm.  Atelier Progressif Creative

Art Space gallery hours are

Thursday through Sunday from

noon to 4:30 pm, and by appointment.

 For additional information

visit Atelier Progressif at www., 518-768-

7787 or info@atelierprogressif.


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