Atelier Progressif Creative Space

Call for Artists

The Second Catskill Digital Art Competition


Atelier Progressif Creative Space in Catskill, NY, is interested in pushing the boundaries of digital art and technology. We are soliciting critical essays, film, artwork, design, and process pieces that employ the tools of digital culture. We believe the new generation of artists has a unique perspective as it engages digital culture socially, professionally, creatively, and theoretically. Young thinkers and creators fuel the process of digitization and the subsequent culture erupting from these processes, and many of their decisions will impact the future of our creative perspective. Eligibility: Competition is open to all artists age 18 and over working with digital media. What we want: Audio, multi-media, and new media pieces. All submissions should employ digital media tools in some way.

Processing fee is $45.00  for 3  files

How we deal with submitted digital artwork Contributors are responsible for securing any required copyright permissions. If you are using an image you do not own you must clear it with the author. Hyperlinks do not require copyright permissions. Image captions must include appropriate credits and permissions. You can control how copyright is utilized for your own work. Atelier Progressif seeks to promote work as a creative and critical process. You are free to publish your work in any other venue you choose, despite it being featured on our site. We do not own or claim rights to any of the work we publish, although publishing with Atelier Progressif grants us permission to archive your work upon selection, to reformat your work (if necessary), and to use your work for promotional purposes.

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