KYE CARBONE 20 YEARS IN THE ABSTRACT: Small Works Past, Present, Future October 14th 6-8PM Atelier Progressif 75 Bridge Street Catskill, NY ARTIST STATEMENT In my former artistic life, I worked representationally as an editorial/book & magazine illustrator in New York City. My job as an illustrator was to make visually concrete the written word. In 1997, I entered ‘The World of Color’ full-time. For the last twenty-years I have pursued an abstract trajectory of thought in service to my quite obsession with refracted-light, spectral reflectance, i.e. color. Works ‘In the Abstract’ are indeed based on concrete ideas, and of course ideas underlie our thought processes, which are made manifest, visually. The thirty-two-small works exhibited at Atelier traverse the last twenty-years. Some are independent works; which is to say small works unto themselves, others are models or ideas for larger works, and still others are color-chords and/or scales for current & future larger works With each painting pursuit, I embark on a problem-solving journey, as each work poses its own problem (to be solved); be it some geometrical division, mark-in-space or color-contrast challenge Each work is thus an individualized “framed window in space” (having its own inherent qualities), yet, just one abstract thought or problem-solved within an infinite light-color continuum. -Kye Carbone 10/7/2017 Atelier

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