Articale from Art Alive Magazine / July 2015

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Inaugural Exhibition at New Catskill Art-Space Atelier Progressif

Atelier Progressif, a creative

art space in Catskill, New York,

presented its inaugural exhibition

featuring the work of established

colorist and artist Kye Carbone.

Atelier Progressif located at 75

Bridge Street, just a couple of

steps up the hill on the corner of

Main Street in Catskill, NY.

Comprising the inaugural

exhibition at the new Catskill

art-space Atelier Progressif were

seventeen of Carbone’s “abstract

distillations”; billed as ‘degrees

of spectral refl ectance’ which

encompass the same period

in time-and-space: 1998-2015.

Carbone splits his time between

Brooklyn and Athens, NY, where

he maintains a studio in an 1874

brick schoolhouse.

Atelier Progressif Creative

Art Space, founded by Yechiam

Gal in 2015, in Catskill, NY, is

engaged in a contemporary focus

that specializes in the visual

discourse of new media culture.

The gallery’s program draws upon

a diverse range of disciplines and

intellectual perspectives while

maintaining a clear progressive


Founder Yechiam Gal states

“Our mission is to apply art and

technology to create and promote

meaningful new Artwork. We

want to be part of shaping how

art is created and consumed in

the digital era. Atelier Progresif

Creative Art Space is looking to

give space and support to artists

who use digital tools to create

art and art projects that benefi t

society. We apply the promise

and inspiration of digital art to a

broader social context, one that

create positive social impact.”

For more information please


or call Yechiam Gal at 914-498-


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