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Jacques Serge Charlas

Four Decades of Creative Photography from Analog to Digital

Articale from Art Alive Magazine / May/June 2016

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Jacques Serge Charlas  was

born in Paris, France in

1949.  Jacques took up photography

in the late 60’s, early 70’s,

documenting the disappearance

of Paris’ central market, Les

Halles, producing work following

the tradition of the great French

photographer from the 20’s Eugene


That project was the beginning

of Jacques’ deep interest with

issues of the human condition that

led him to covering the revolution

in El Salvador, to documenting the

struggle of the Afghan people with

the invasion of the Soviet Union in

the early 80’s, to his story on Wall

Street greed in the 90’s.

At the turn of the century

Jacques’ work evolved, as he began

focusing on the ordinary objects

most people ignore and creating

a deeply surreal fantasy-world.

Jacques’ work is unique; he has

made photographs, which for

purity and intensity of vision,

have not been bettered. Other

photographers had been concerned with describing specifi c facts(documentation), or with exploiting their individual sensibilitie(selfexpression).Jacques encompassed

and transcended both approaches

when he set himself the task of

understanding and interpreting, in

visual terms, a complex, ancient,

and living tradition. The pictures

that he has made in the service of

this concept are seductively and

deceptively simple, wholly poised,

reticent, dense with experience,

mysterious, and true.

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